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Zerobody Dry Float

During dry floating, the body loses every point of contact and its gravitational weight, remaining uniformly suspended. This ensures elongation, stretching, and relaxation of the entire musculoskeletal structure, resulting in an improvement in physiological parameters and blood circulation. The mind, while the body floats in the absence of gravity and with water maintained at basal temperature (36°C), is free from the need to worry about gravitational weight, balance, and thermoregulation. These are concerns that our minds handle naturally and automatically, seemingly, but actually require a considerable amount of energy expenditure. By freeing itself from these “tasks,” the mind can rest and release tension.

No need to undress, and no wetting is involved, thanks to the membrane that allows for practicing the dry floating technique. The water inside the device is loaded and changed every 6 months, eliminating the need for water connections and drains nearby. A standard 220v outlet in the room is sufficient. It can be used independently; just lie down in the center, the rigid panel lowers, and the body begins to float in a dry state. Exclusive design, chromatic lights, lumbar massage, meditation audio guides, and breath features make this product even more unique.

dry float therapy
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