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Copertina Piccola 945 x630 Progetto senza titolo

OxyPro, the Hyperbaric Chamber

OxyPro, the Hyperbaric Chamber. During the treatment inside the chamber, oxygen levels are increased by 50% (from 21% to 31%), and simultaneously, the pressure is increased to 40 kPa (1.40 ATA), equivalent to a depth of approximately 5.3 meters underwater.

Under increased pressure, all cellular matter is slightly compressed, which, along with the increased oxygen content, improves its ability to remove toxins and other harmful substances. When the oxygen content in tissues increases, the body can better fight various infections due to a stronger immune system.

The interior is furnished with a mattress and a pillow to make the session as comfortable as possible.

The intuitive interface and touchscreen make the device easy to use.

The pressure increase to the desired level takes only 7 minutes.

Sessions can be done independently, as settings can be managed by the client inside the chamber.

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