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for Wellness.

What we do

With Rinnova, you get excellent products and a committed partner who believes in long-term partnerships and goes beyond simply selling equipment. Our priority is to build a solid foundation of products and services for the customers who choose us, whether they are businesses we help grow by providing innovative equipment or individuals to whom we offer real benefits.


Our Services

Consulting, Training, and Technical Assistance are the pillars on which we base our work and your success. We are dedicated every day to meeting the needs of our customers, supporting them from the conception and planning phase to the execution and implementation of the project. We combine technical and scientific expertise to realize unique concepts.


We will support you from the development of the idea to its final realization, providing all the support you need to identify the best equipment for you in terms of management and functionality. We follow every phase of the project to help you achieve your goals.


We develop training programs where you can acquire scientific and technical information. You will interact with our experts who can guide and enhance your skills for the management, promotion, and communication of the services offered.

Technical Assistance

You will come into contact with our specialized technicians for the installation, testing, and maintenance of equipment. When purchasing Rinnova equipment, you will discover an all-inclusive service.

Our Clients


Rinnova is the solution for Fitness Centers, Hotels, Beauty Institutes, Day Spas, Medical Centers, and Sports Organizations that want to be at the forefront of integrating an innovative service for their clients, modernizing, and meeting the market’s demands.

Rinnova for Your Business

New Opportunities

Only with Rinnova can you encourage customer loyalty, differentiate your service, increase the attractiveness of your business, and expand your customer base.

In line with the Market

Thanks to Rinnova, you will be among the first to define what the future of wellness will look like, capitalizing on the global trend of seeking effective services for health and well-being.

Quality Product

Choosing Rinnova means using equipment that ensures a high-quality standard for effective and safe results, for both your clients and collaborators.


Rinnova can create an oasis of mental and physical rejuvenation within the intimacy of your home, even in a few square meters of space. We design environments where you can release all tensions to focus on yourself without the harmful stresses of daily life.

Rinnova for Home

Prevention as the Medicine of the Future

Only with Rinnova can you put your vision of health, beauty, longevity, and high performance into practice.

Technological Innovation

Rinnova brings you the best at your fingertips. Technologies and protocols that ensure real benefits and help you achieve your goals of mental and physical well-being.


Rinnova offers you personalized solutions that integrate into the dynamics of your daily life and are designed to be easily managed.


We are passionate about themes related to longevity, well-being, and well-aging. We are a young company with over 100 years of cumulative experience in the wellness and medical field.

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